Esplanade, Liberty Hotel, Beacon Hill Engagement: Katrina & Ryan - Borisyuk Photography

Esplanade, Liberty Hotel, Beacon Hill Engagement: Katrina & Ryan

November 21, 2016

When I received a message from Katrina, my heart sank when I thought I already have their wedding date booked - they was referred by a past client, friend, and DJ and sounded so excited about the wedding and working with us! I double checked my calendar and was so relieved I actually had their date still available! Katrina and Ryan are such a sweet couple and I'm thankful to have met them!

Since these two love birds adore Boston, naturally we wanted to capture some moments of them in the city, strolling through the Esplanade, enjoying the views. We then warmed up at the beautiful Liberty Hotel and finished the session at a Beacon Hill rooftop where Ryan's sister resides. It was a perfect evening, ending with a toast of their favorite Prosecco sparkling wine at dusk. 

I'm really looking forward to helping them plan out the perfect summer wedding day at the Saphire Estate, it is going to be so beautiful. I can't wait to see Katrina as a bride, I have a feeling there will be some watery eyes involved when Ryan sees her! 

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It was an amazing evening with Katrina and Ryan and I am soooo excited for their wedding next year! Cannot wait to see them tie the knot!

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