Lake Sunapee Engagement: Lauren & Braden

July 9, 2016

Lauren and Braden are such a cute couple! They love spending time together outdoors hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and seeking out all kinds of adventure. So excited about their wedding coming up really soon this August at beautiful Longlook Farm in New Hampshire! We had a fun time with them at Lake Sunapee having some dinner, getting to know each other, eating ice cream, and capturing moments of their love. We even came upon an unexpected find of an amazing covered bridge near Sunapee Harabor, a perfect backdrop for some golden hour portraits. Enjoy these photos and let us know what your favorites are!

  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2330
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2349
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2358
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2370
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2393
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2398
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2427
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2440
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2485
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2514
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2528
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2555
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2569
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2585
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2593
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2599
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2628
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2634
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2641
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2645
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2657
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2662
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2670
  • sunapee-engagement-lauren-braden-2694

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